Jun 09, 2008, 10:05AM

No, Seriously, It's for Art

A University of Kansas article gets to the bottom (so to speak) of that most infamous of campus jobs: art class nude model. "Zoey," the article's subject, seems like a well-meaning young woman, who really does it for the art. No, honestly. Although the line about all her "unique poses" did make us squirm a little bit.

People have nightmares about it all the time - going to school or class in front of all their peers and realizing they are completely nude. Though the majority of students wake up in a cold sweat, relieved it was all just a dream, there are a few K-State students who don't. In fact, being naked at school is their job, and for students like Zoey, it has become more enjoyable than frightening.

Zoey, a student at K-State, is a model for K-State's Figure Drawing I class. She said she has taken many art courses and often would hear people in her classes talk about how Figure Drawing needed models.

Originally, she said she wanted to take Figure Drawing this semester and tried to enroll in Jason Scuilla's class, but all the spots were full. So she said she decided the best way to learn about figure drawing was to become a model for the class.

  • Good for Zoey! My sister is an artist and often complains that are very few female models for drawing classes so you get stuck drawing men over and over again, which can be a bit limiting when you're trying to learn how to depict a variety of forms. I admire this girl's courage.

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