Jun 24, 2008, 06:27AM

And Now We Play The Waiting Game

In the wake of the new Sex and the City movie, many men expect an influx of random, promiscuous sex as women attempt to imitate their favorite Manhattan foursome. This FSU columnist discusses the pros and cons of waiting before jumping into the sack.  

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In the past, I have been referred to as some sort of coquettish woman practiced on frivolity and flirtation because I tend to display little hurry for romantic advancement. 

While being compared to an elusive, fast-talking dame is no doubt fanciful; I too have been spurned by my own eagerness. The unsurprising truth is that I am rubbish at the waiting game.

The waiting game, as I call it, occurs when a woman, in an attempt to foster a lasting relationship, staggers sexual encounters or refuses advances of this kind for an indeterminate amount of time. 

This idea of "intimacy before tomfoolery" is meant to advance the sense of personal attachment before batting bedroom eyes at one another, tugging at tee shirts and inevitably doing the dirtiest of deeds. 

  • Too many people tend to turn sex into a make 'em wait/I'll hump him in a dirty club bathroom divide. This was, really, a nicely balanced article. It's really frustrating when you can tell a woman is holding out on you because she read something explaining how to trap a man by stressing his patience. It's not alluring to feel like you're a test case for a Cosmo article.

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