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Jan 12, 2022, 06:28AM

You Know the Answer to This Question

A 2017 The Fanzine interview with novelist Ottessa Moshfegh vs. a 2021 GQ interview with rapper Lil Nas X.

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Lil Nas X: After that, I started seeing the number 79 everywhere. I kid you not. I called for an Uber, and every single license plate had 79 on it in front of me. Every single one.

Ottessa Moshfegh: Barf. It’s like going to a yoga class and some chick in lip-gloss is explaining how to be at one with the universe.

Lil Nas X: Exactly. I understand exactly what you’re saying.

Moshfegh: You know? Because I’m not saying anything to be mean.

Lil Nas X: I only did that once, maybe.


Moshfegh: If you’re going to go somewhere you need motion, velocity, a destination.

Lil Nas X: That was the main thing I was most afraid of. I’d literally probably get murdered.

Moshfegh: Well, why didn’t you? Sometimes I do. 


Lil Nas X: I was such a poseur. Then I got out of it, and all I thought about was how blessed I am.

Moshfegh: No, it wasn’t just a miracle, it was fated. It was a fated miracle.

Lil Nas X: You know what? Yes. Yeah.


Moshfegh: You can talk to me all day and I’ll say a million different things depending on my moods.

Lil Nas X: What’s wrong with “influencer,” though? Why does influencer have such a bad connotation?

Moshfegh: You know the answer to this question. 


Lil Nas X: But ultimately, I feel I’ve gotten to a place where I have enough love for me that I can focus on myself.

Moshfegh: I love being alive. I love myself. I love my imagination. I love a lot of people. I love the planet.

Lil Nas X: I feel like that’s definitely possible. You know, I love self-help books.

Moshfegh: Ooooh. That’s exactly what will ruin your life. 


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