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Jan 07, 2017, 08:00AM

You Don’t Know Where They Are

A 2013 The American Reader interview with author, activist, and professor Elaine Scarry vs. a 1969 Playboy interview with NFL legend Joe Namath.

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Elaine Scarry: The analogy I make is, it would be like teaching someone CPR and then telling them that if someone actually gets a heart attack, you shouldn’t use it because now it’s an emergency. 

Joe Namath: I don’t know how often it happens, but it happens. That’s a big part of a winning attitude. 

Scarry: The examples occur in every war. Meanwhile, what is the consequence of that?

Namath: We're deciding whether or not to go ahead with a lawsuit. 

Scarry: Because day in and day out, they’ve made arrangements for the slaughter of the citizenry. 


Namath: Conservatively, about $200,000 in ordinary income—salary and different phases of contracts. Man, I didn't know what the hell to do with all that bread. 

Scarry: The same with all kinds of geological structures, or pieces of language.

Namath: No, not anymore. Not at all. The championship is enough.

Scarry: Yes, absolutely. You are absolutely in a state of non-governance.

Namath: Damned right I am.


Scarry: Whereas, with automated weapons, you don’t have to persuade anyone. 

Namath: Aren't the security guys supposed to help us, protect us, rather than going all out to screw us up?

Scarry: So far they don’t, but I understand your question. You don’t know where they are.

Namath: If I don't believe in something, though, I'm not gonna go along with it: it has nothing to do with being anti-establishment or whatever; it's just that if it's not right for me, then I can't go along with it. 

Scarry: As far as I can see, this is the best tool we have.


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