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Jul 16, 2012, 06:33AM

You Don't Even Need to Like It

A 2001 Hybrid magazine interview with musician Rjyan “Cex” Kidwell vs. a 2012 Interview magazine interview with author Elissa Schappell.

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Rjyan Kidwell: I'm trying to take that pop culture stuff, everything from the sickeningly contrived psycho-murderers to the sickeningly contrived pop starlets.

Elissa Schappell: When I was a girl, my family always sang that on car trips.

Kidwell: Towards the sacred distance between artist and audience.

Schappell: It was angry and articulate, and you could dance to it.

Kidwell: No mouse pads or anything gay like that.

Schappell: Not my jam.

Kidwell: You understand correctly. You don’t even need to like it.

Schappell: Harder, too, when you’re not a stoned teenager. It's my job as a writer to say the things that everybody knows, but no one wants to talk about.

Kidwell: All the music ever. And the food, my God, the food.

Schappell: I could do this for days.

Kidwell: I’m sure there are tons of people who will testify.

Schappell: Starting with young women. What about you?

Kidwell: I got shot in the chest and as I was lying on the floor of my room, this giant came and told me three things that I would find to be true.

Schappell: He'd call sometimes two, three times a night to revise the list.  I wanted to give her that distance.

Kidwell: So she’s mine.


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