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Jun 04, 2016, 08:10AM

Yet It Has to Happen

A 2016 The Observer interview with author Joe Carducci vs. a 2013 Roulette interview with musician Morton Subotnick .

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Morton Subotnick: I had something I needed to do and I needed to find a way to do it myself.

Joe Carducci: It was a nine-foot ceiling and a three-inch stage and it was full of people.

Subotnick: This was my vision. Those were my heroes.

Carducci: Probably not in a generic sense.

Subotnick: Sometimes I pull back.


Carducci: Is there a young audience for Westerns?

Subotnick: Oh, yes! And that grows into something else and gradually it ends.


Carducci: It never did register. That’s why I sorta laughed about it because even he didn’t know what had happened and what they were gonna go back to.

Subotnick: That was very meaningful.

Carducci: I wasn’t even there.


Subotnick: A lot of it is cerebral: You’re thinking, and feeling, and you’re making things happen.

Carducci: Yet it has to happen. Realism has to trigger fantasy and fantasy has to be grounded in reality for things to work best.

Subotnick: Yes. The visuals have to be a counterpoint, and a parallel performance. 

Carducci: Even if somebody is awake to it they would dumb it down and iron it out to two dimensions from the three or four dimensions of any living work.

Subotnick: Yes, it was my life’s work. [Laughter] I developed what I thought was me a hundred years from now.


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