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Jan 21, 2013, 06:46AM

Yes, Everybody Wonders

A 2012 TVNZ interview with Megaupload kingpin Kim Dotcom vs. a 1990 Chicago Tribune interview with famed advice columnist Ann Landers.

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Ann Landers: So what is there left to tell them?

Kim Dotcom: Well, funds have been frozen.

Landers: Why?

Dotcom: Yes, everybody wonders.

Landers: I had no choice.

Dotcom: Do you believe that?

Landers: The answer was fascinating.

Dotcom: It's totally taken out of context.

Landers: It's true.

Dotcom: It's going to embarrass those who are attacking us.

Landers: The names they call me cannot be printed in a family newspaper.

Dotcom: I mean, they have installed cameras around the property.

Landers: They are the most dedicated, hardest-working people I know.

Dotcom: That has been reduced now.

Landers: Not everybody loves me.

Dotcom: I don't get physical.

Landers: We both have fax machines, and we fax each other like crazy.

Dotcom: We're now down to eight.

Landers: Can you imagine what life would be like if surgeons, bus drivers, pilots, air-traffic controllers, teachers,
nurses, firemen and policemen were on drugs?

Dotcom: You know, boot prints on the walls, knocked in doors, marks of the sledgehammers, smashed in walls.

Landers: At least that is the way I would like it to be.

Dotcom: Mm. Let me explain something to you.


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