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Jun 11, 2016, 10:45AM

Which Was Huge

A 2016 Salon interview with musician/actor Will Oldham vs. a 2011 The Comics Journal interview with illustrator Gerhard.

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Will Oldham: There was a great woman in Texas who was making a movie last year, and who wanted me to play a dentist who’s part of some weird sadomasochistic pagan sex cult. 

Gerhard: If she was busy with housework, all she had to do was give me a piece of paper and a pencil or some crayons and I was quiet for hours. 

Oldham: (Laughs) I love the distribution of labor. 

Gerhard: I majored in drugs, mostly.

Oldham: Which was huge.


Gerhard: We did a lot of stuff with photocopying.

Oldham: Yeah, I would. Do you know this movie?

Gerhard: Oh, shit. Yes. Yeah. Thank God.

Oldham: It’s everything. That doesn’t really worry me because next year more people will see it.

Gerhard: Are you talking about the streams of light?


Oldham: I’m not even communicating with myself—I don’t know what’s going on.

Gerhard: My one pottery thing that I built blew up in the kiln and wrecked everybody else’s stuff that was in there.

Oldham: That was one of the most crucial experiences. 

Gerhard: I loved all the dream sequences. 

Oldham: But otherwise, no.


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