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Mar 19, 2008, 05:41AM

Weed Shortage in the Big Easy

Two prominent freshmen dealers were busted recently at Tulane, with repercussions across campus. A case study in basic economic theory. From The Hullabaloo.

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Tulane underclassmen have recently reported a shortage of quality marijuana available on-campus. A drug bust two weeks ago purportedly influenced campus supply, and subsequent developments have further limited resources.

TUPD arrested two freshmen in their room early last week on possession charges. The students spent a night in jail and Tulane lawyers got them out on bail within 24 hours. They had cocaine and marijuana in their room, according to a TUPD crime report.

"Everybody knew about it," another freshman said. "And once they got busted, they stopped dealing. Obviously, that kind of thing would mess up their whole legal defense."

The purported dealers seem to have been a main source for many underclassmen students.

"They're nice guys and they sell good weed," a sophomore said.

Others say that the pair seemed to always have drugs.

"You could count on them most of the time," a freshman said.

Students mentioned that another supposed source has recently become unavailable. A student described on Juicy Campus as having "the best" marijuana at Tulane viewed the comment as unwelcome advertising and decided on "early retirement."

"If he was dealing, he now has to stop because it would be so easy to get caught," a friend said. "And who knows - maybe he didn't even deal and it was someone's idea of a joke. Either way it sucks."

Other purported dealers can still be found on campus, said some Tulane users, but students claim the three now-unavailable students had the most consistent supplies.

"Of course you can go to the frats," said another sophomore. "But honestly, it's pretty unreliable there. You never know what you're getting, and there is usually better stuff available for cheaper."


One student explained that a certain religiously-affiliated fraternity is notorious for selling marijuana because of the fraternity's liberal, "hippie" tendencies.

"A lot of them really are committed to God and everything, but that doesn't mean they're angels. They know how to party too, like any other frat," she said.

The student pointed out that some people aren't comfortable asking fraternity brothers they don't know for drugs.

"Who is going to knock on their front door and say, 'My dealer got busted, can you hook me up?' People will probably just wait until someone they know has pot and try to buy off them."

Some freshmen have noticed that marijuana smokers from New Orleans are likely to have sources off-campus who are unaffected by the recent supply slump.

"I know a [Tulane student] from New Orleans that always has weed," a freshman said. "But he gets it from a high school friend. I guess I could buy off [the Tulane student], but he's not really a dealer so I don't know if he'd be down."

Other Tulane users didn't seem to notice the shortage, saying that there are lots of places to get marijuana if students know where to look. Students also hope that the recently-unavailable dealers will re-open for business at some point.

"Maybe once all the drama blows over things will be back to normal," a freshman said. "It's really not that big of a deal. I mean, we live in New Orleans. Just because there isn't weed on campus doesn't mean it's hard to get trashed whenever you want."

When asked about the situation, an upperclassman who smokes marijuana commented that the shortage isn't something to be too disconcerted about.

"All I can say is that it's good that pot isn't addictive," he said. "If it was, half the freshmen class would be going insane right now. Besides, maybe a shortage will help people out with midterms - could be a blessing in disguise."


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