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May 05, 2015, 10:23AM

Too Many Brushstrokes

A 2011 GQ interview with actress Pam Grier vs. a 2015 New York Times interview with talk show host David Letterman.

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Pam Grier: I keep getting these stickers from the post office saying they've got an envelope from L.A. with 44 cents due.

David Letterman: Well, who hasn’t?

Grier: I can’t say. I really want to, but I’m afraid.

Letterman: You can’t do a monologue.

Grier: No. Too many brushstrokes.


Letterman: But now that the consequences have disappeared, yeah, what do I care?

Grier: You can feel the tension. You become something else. 

Letterman: And we tried, and we couldn’t. Because it’s 11:30, and people are just looking for a pleasant experience. 


Grier: And you can hear the silence over the phone. 

Letterman: It just depends on the number of bridges I’ve burned. 

Grier: I dated Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and I was converting to Islam, and yes, Islam is monolithic, however there are fundamentalists, moderates, conservatives, and the very free. 

Letterman: Yeah. I might have used that to my own disadvantage, sometimes.


Grier: Projecting something, that's unrealistic, like projecting the stock market.

Letterman: If things aren’t going well, that’s fine, too.

Grier: It’s subjective. It’s complex. But it was just wonderful. 

Letterman: It makes me feel good.

Grier: I’ll never recover from this. 

Letterman: You go back to your parents’ house, and they still have the rotary phone.


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