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Oct 09, 2014, 09:16AM

They're Killing People

A 2014 Rookie interview with author/former Vibe editor Danyel Smith vs. a 2013 L.A. Review of Books interview with author/law professor Randall Kennedy.

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Danyel Smith: Not to get too preachy or anything, but don’t always be going to the party, give the fucking party, you know what I’m saying?

Randall Kennedy: That is true but people forget that.

Smith: But they want to. You need to be home by midnight.

Kennedy: For purposes of social solidarity, it seems to me that this is important.


Smith: Early second grade, third grade.

Kennedy: Sometimes they overlap, but they are distinct.

Smith: Right or wrong, that’s what I did. Then the vinyl would come.

Kennedy: Yes absolutely. If it is true, then it is true.

Smith: I don’t care about any of this.


Kennedy: As soon as the 30 minutes ends, they do not say anything about poor people.

Smith: Steven, Michael, Renee—those were the three kids. I’m still friends with them on Facebook. Do you know them at all?

Kennedy: I did not have anything to do with the internment, but some of my tax dollars went towards paying the reparations.


Smith: They’re killing people. Because from that freedom will come everything you are going to be.

Kennedy: If we do not do that we are allowing the wrongs of the past to continue to prey upon the present, and we ought not do that.

Smith: It was like 12, 13 miles roundtrip. Everybody is OK. I was like, This is the freshest shit ever.


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