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Sep 02, 2017, 07:00AM

The Outer World Takes Over

A 1963 U.S. News & World Report interview with the late, famed anthropologist Dr. Margaret Mead vs. a 2017 Vulture interview with musician James Murphy.

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Rinaldo Wurglitsch

Dr. Margaret Mead: Are you making a slave of your wife because you've turned her into a dishwasher instead of buying a dishwasher?

James Murphy: Our goals are different. We’re using different tools.

Mead: You see, when she comes in, you can go out. The outer world takes over.

Murphy: No. Not really. I’m not going to dye my hair.

Mead: That could be dangerous.


Murphy: I just finished the Morrissey autobiography.

Mead: There is, I think, a continuing trend away from it, especially in these "ghettos" that are being built for older people.

Murphy: Everyone thinks they’re correct all the time because their Facebook feed constantly reestablishes that they are.

Mead: They should, in the popular conception, be out of the house.

Murphy: At this moment in history it’s been emptied of meaning.


Mead: At this point, you said, "This is just a fairy story. It did not really happen."

Murphy: I looked at it and almost threw up in my mouth.

Mead: A whole lot.

Murphy: The internet means it doesn’t matter if you fucking live in New York.

Mead: Even when they do, people feel they shouldn't be there.


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