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Jan 26, 2023, 06:28AM

That’s the Opposite of Partying

A 2022 The Sun Is Flat interview with actor/gallery owner Leo Fitzpatrick vs. a 2022 Papermag interview with rapper/actor Freddie Gibbs.

Freddie gibbs sss interview one.jpeg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Leo Fitzpatrick: I didn’t want to do press. It’s hard to just talk about yourself.

Freddie Gibbs: Exactly. It’s like a puzzle to me.

Fitzpatrick: That’s the opposite of partying.

Gibbs: Buying property, buying big-ticket items together, being together and stuff like that.

Fitzpatrick: It was like, damn I’m really an asshole if I don’t do this. 


Gibbs: I don’t know. I want to go to the grocery store.

Fitzpatrick: You just show up and look weird.

Gibbs: You’d like to see that, wouldn’t you?

Fitzpatrick: Definitely. This is my personality.

Gibbs: [laughs] What are you talking about?


Fitzpatrick: The inspiration might be just to be welcoming to everybody and see what they bring to the table until they prove you wrong.

Gibbs: I love everybody. They won’t give me no love. I like a rowdy crowd, though.

Fitzpatrick: That’s also kind of why I don’t give a shit about acting.

Gibbs: You have to be able to improvise as well. They shouldn’t have to.

Fitzpatrick: You get insurance and just destroy them.


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