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May 03, 2022, 06:27AM

That Cracked Me Up

A 2005 Index Magazine interview with musician Yokota Yoshimi vs. a 2020 Front Runner Magazine interview with musician Matt Sweeney.

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Matt Sweeney: But it’s like learning how to draw perspective or how to make colors work against each other: it takes a lot of unsexy time but the result for the audience is effortless understanding and enjoyment.

Yokota Yoshimi: Yeah. Absolutely. It's so intense—I get physically sick from it.

Sweeney: Yeah, that is the, “what the fuck am I doing here?” feeling.

Yoshimi: All you see is sweat flying everywhere.

Sweeney: You know, I mean, what are we talking about? Why don’t you know?


Yoshimi: We usually put a plexiglass wall around us, as if we're in a fish tank.

Sweeney: You know, in a dream you don’t do that. 


Yoshimi: It was so messed up that it became interesting.

Sweeney: Yeah, for sure. And the people who are cool can talk about that forever.

Yoshimi: I was surprised! I didn't hear anything from them after that. Did they eat the bear meat?

Sweeney: Generally, no. I don’t know.

Yoshimi: That cracked me up.


Sweeney: God, that’s weird. You’ll be surprised because something will happen that you can’t believe, you know.

Yoshimi: Sometimes I feel like I go into outer space.

Sweeney: So you go with it.


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