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Feb 27, 2013, 05:32AM

Of Course I'd Love To Sit Around and Chat

Let's have a meeting.

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Phil Roeder

Are you free tomorrow, after lunch?

Yes? Sweet.

We need to have a meeting, about that thing, we've been putting it off but critical mass approaches.

The vultures are circling, yeah.

So I can set it up, sure, I'll check both of our schedules, we'll find something that works.

Thursday at one p.m. it is. Done.

We can knock this sucker out in 30 minutes.

Huh? Oh, certainly, certainly.

I'll forward the invite to them; their input is crucial.

Plus Genevieve wrote a white paper germane to our subject, and Bobby's got the inside dope anyway.

Good thinking. Swift.

Bad news, pal: bad timing.

They stuck us with a six-pack room without a wall monitor. If we'd reserved a day or two earlier, but what can you do.

Yup, that one. Right next to the shrieking harpies in accounting.

But we totally can turn this into an unconventional team-building exercise wherein we liven up an otherwise dull procedural meeting by yelling at each other ironically, our eyes bugged out, our lips flecked with foam. It'll be epic, you'll be dining out on this one for years, I promise.

No, it's cool, we'll teleconference Bobby in, hook up a Live Meeting.

Hey, no, for real. No worries, man, rest up. Chicken noodle and fluids. Yeah, the draft will take a week as it is, I'll run it by you for a peer review.

What do you mean Visio doesn't work on conference room PCs? Fuuuuuuuck. Fuck!

I guess we need to get Tim to settle this?

Tim's in Boca Raton this month? But of course he is.

Thank you, Genevieve, for your long, rambling story about ancient Incan cultures that has only a tangential connection to coding and development, and thank you, Bobby, for arguing with her in earnest.

Sorry, we're almost done, just ran over.

I found us another room to squat in, come on.

No, I understand, I have a 2:30 too, can't fudge my way out of that.

Oh, hey. Yeah. Was a total bust. Was originally just me and Mitchell but he came down with the flu and the priority prevented me from rescheduling, and Genevieve and...

Just, you know, the team action item from the all hands that suddenly reemerged as a priority.

What? No. You're shitting me.

They did? Already?


And here I thought…

Deep breath, Stevens, deep breath. Ha, yeah, I should be used to the realization that I've been tasked with something someone else is already doing that they didn't know I was doing.

The life we have chosen, sure.

I'm on my way to 178 too.

Next Monday, early?

Who else?

Yeah. I can make that.

We'll get a jump on things, extinguish the fire before it sparks, earn that money.

I can schedule it. Who else do we need?


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