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Feb 25, 2013, 05:19AM

I Just Disappeared

A 2008 Stool Pigeon interview with multi-disciplinary auteur Grace Jones vs. a 2012 Gauntlet interview with shock rocker Alice Cooper.

Grace Jones: There are too many people sometimes.

Alice Cooper: We all come from the same place.

Jones: We knew each other but never met each other.

Cooper: A son is born out of wedlock and on full moons he turns into a werewolf.

Jones: Wearing hippy beads. On acid.

Cooper: Yeah, I'm used to doing that. It was like a hillbilly drunk.

Jones: It was very church, to be honest.

Cooper: Well, I tape it. I want them to make me something that I wouldn't normally be.

Jones: That’s what I dreamt of. When I was young I would see a jungle — not a real jungle but some trees when I was going to the shop to get milk — and in those trees I would see lions and tigers and bears.

Cooper: So you just don’t do that, you don't sit around psyching yourself out.

Jones: So there is a difference between that and completely disappearing and not letting anyone know where you are.

Cooper: I broke up the interview into little three minute pieces and people were going "I can't wait to hear the next part of this."

Jones: You end up with no choice left to you anymore.

Cooper: I think we are going everywhere, really.

Jones: I just disappeared.


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