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Jul 30, 2016, 08:00AM

Nobody Else

A 2016 Interview magazine interview with art collector Dakis Joannou vs. a 2008 Bomb magazine interview with the late musician Alan Vega.

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Alan Vega: Then one day I’ll wake up and I’m looking around and I’m walking down the same streets I’ve walked down a hundred times and I’m noticing things that I never saw before.

Dakis Joannou: I mean, all senses moved. Things started clicking, and then we met.

Vega: We’ve been buddying up; it’s nice. People totally freaked out. 

Joannou: But a funny thing happened when we did a show that I didn't like at all.

Vega: This was 1969.


Joannou: Everything happens by accident in my life or by coincidence.

Vega: That’s dangerous shit, man. Cement fucking floor.

Joannou: Exactly. We were contractors.

Vega: We wouldn’t be sitting here talking.

Joannou: No, no. Nobody else.


Vega: Over and over and over again, man. 

Joannou: Six months later the house was completely different.

Vega: I was in such a state of shock I can’t remember everything he was saying, but it lasted about 15 minutes.

Joannou: Of course it bothers me. Yeah. I remember he showed me the big Picasso mask.

Vega: He opens up a fucking door at least as long as this whole thing and there’s a closet with nothing but jackets.


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