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Jun 03, 2014, 09:41AM

No One Is Describing You

A 2014 Stereogum interview with musician Bob Mould vs. a 2002 Comedy Couch interview with comedian Steven Wright.

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Bob Mould: I do what I do.

Steven Wright: No one is describing you.

Mould: I had a lot of loose words.

Wright: But what kind? Now you’re going to ask me what kind.

Mould: There may be more to come.

Wright: No, I’ve done two short films.

Mould: I just started putting my Polaroids inside of them, in order.

Wright: Some of them are connected into stories.

Mould: It’s a very simple story. Some of it has been really terrible.

Wright: Yeah, I'm always moving things around, dropping things out, adding new stuff. I don’t know what it is, but I’m working on it.

Mould: It’s really complicated, actually.

Wright: Like a painting that will never be finished. Maybe it’s the curtains.

Mould: Yeah, that’s how the future finished up for me.

Wright: I guess. If it doesn't work three times, it'll never work. And if it works three times, it'll always work. And they decide, you know? They're in charge at that stage. And if they don't laugh, I don't think that it wasn't funny, I just think they didn't agree with me.

Mould: Oh, add some distortion, it will sound better.


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