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May 06, 2010, 09:22AM

Justin Bieber: The Gay Propaganda Nazi

All part of the New World Order if you ask me.

When I come upon a headline like “NAZI Justin Bieber Recruits Outside Hot Topic Store,” it calls for further research. I mean, really we’re talking the Biebs here. The one who young girls and their mothers alike swoon over across the heartland. I don’t know if those mothers would be so happy should this be true. 

The story purports that Bieber is conspiring with “Hollywood executives and marketers” to exploit children with sex and urban violence.  

The allegations get better. The story then mentions how little Adolf Bieber has become part of the Nazi movement and is working with grassroots socialist activists…and Hot Topic.  

According to the random cited expert, Justin is influencing young girls and “potentially mentally disturbed homosexual boys who have been wooed by Bieber’s effeminate voice.”  

Here’s where Hot Topic comes in. By supporting the Biebs, Hot Topic promotes homosexuality since Emo kids and gays shop there. However, this story does contain the funniest definition I have ever heard of an “Emo boy.” Christwire defines them as “boys who wear tight purple pants and homosexual support shirts” and accuses them of starting trends of “attacking children with gay sex in dressing rooms of these stores.” It’s reported that this is a problem in high schools and malls across the country. I have not yet heard of this epidemic except for among politicians. I’m guessing it must be true if it comes from Christwire.  

I’m no expert but I’m almost sure that of the Hollywood executives Bieber is allegedly plotting with, the number of Jewish ones exceed the amount of Emo kids in Hot Topics around the world at any given time. The amount of contradiction in this holy or holey story leaves me at a loss as to which point is more ridiculous. I’ve also never heard of any Nazis spreading homosexuality. Even if they do have sultry voices.  

Part of me does believe that there is evil festering within that little pop morsel. Can he cast spells on people? Yes. Can he cause frenzy and mass hysteria? Yes. That said, I’m fairly certain that this kid can’t even spell socialism much less read Mein Kampf. As for the photographic evidence, when one waves, they lift their arm up then back down. Yeah, if you take a picture with the arm in mid-lift or lower…sieg heil. I can’t believe I’m defending Justin Bieber. 

  • This is a great commentary. The Religious Right/freaks are out of control. Ummm, really Bieber? Of course, it's Hot Topic's fault for even putting Bieber on a t-shirt. (HA HA) Christwire is too much - watch the video: http://christwire.org/2010/05/justin-bieber-tries-to-deny-german-nazis-gay-hot-topic-tshirt-agenda/ Don't they have anything else better to do! Kim DeFranco (not the author, yes another Kim DeFranco!)

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