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May 07, 2016, 09:00AM

It’s Not Real

A 2016 BOMB Magazine interview with artist Shezad Dawood vs. a 2016 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette interview with musician Eric Leeds.

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Shezad Dawood: When people ask me questions about magic or shamanism or particular life experiences, I try to maintain a cover of plausible deniability. Does that make sense?

Eric Leeds: From what I understand, Stevie Wonder did.

Dawood: There's the research, there's the intuition.

Leeds: Yeah, we would do that occasionally. It’s not real.

Dawood: That opens up a generous proposition to the audience.


Leeds: There was an awful lot of laughter in those days.

Dawood: It somehow segued into film.

Leeds: Oh, absolutely! Absolutely!

Dawood: (laughter) I like to think of not creating an oppositional framework.

Leeds: You know, this is probably the way it was meant to be.


Dawood: Interestingly, in his diaries there's a whole record of his daughter bugging him to go and visit this famous Constable country and so he organizes a trip with her and she turns around—he records this in a journal entry—and says, "But, Daddy, it's just fields."

Leeds: In those days, yes, he was very quiet and very private in that manner. I didn't see him or talk to him.

Dawood: That image has been staked. So you arrived at these cyborg textiles, with all these cultural juxtapositions or mutations happening.

Leeds: We have no idea, for instance, what an old John F. Kennedy would have been.

Dawood: I’d agree with you there.


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