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Jun 18, 2014, 09:38AM

It's Not Possible

A PROPS magazine interview with rapper/actor Ice-T vs. a Tout-Fait interview with the late artist Marcel Duchamp.

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Marcel Duchamp: I had filled an ampoule, of Paris air, which is to say I simply opened an ampoule and let the air enter it by itself and closed the ampoule and brought it to New York as a gift of friendship, in any case.

Ice-T: That was the New York shit.

Duchamp: Of the not already seen.

Ice-T: I don’t care, man.

Duchamp: It’s not possible.


Ice-T: What’s the title of your third album?

Duchamp: “Here you are completely alone if you want to be.”

Ice-T: Don't worry about other suckers not liking me; they're going to jail soon.

Duchamp: They used Freud as a component in analyzing their subconscious, in any case.

Ice-T: It was a wake-up call for everybody.

Duchamp: Sure.


Ice-T: Suge and Puffy got beef, but Puff don't represent all of New York, and Suge don't represent all the West Coast.

Duchamp: With each wanting to be the big protagonist, naturally there were some disagreements.

Ice-T: At this point, I've come up with conclusions that certain things will change while others will remain as they are.

Duchamp: Probably. The idea of canvas disappeared.

Ice-T: Then you lie to your buddy saying you wore one.


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