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Jul 09, 2014, 07:21AM

It’s Not for Pussies

A 2014 Interview magazine interview with actress Natasha Lyonne vs. a 2014 Collider interview with actor Bill Murray.

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Bill Murray: There will be—sound will be resonance, and because your head is quiet, and your head is like a guitar box, you know? Your chest is like a guitar box. It vibrates a certain way.

Natasha Lyonne: And now we're just sitting on the sofa, listening to Dr. Dre.

Murray: I’m going to go get another croissant.


Lyonne: Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.

Murray: I wake up later.

Lyonne: Really?

Murray: Absolutely. I was only there a couple of weeks.

Lyonne: It’s not for pussies.


Murray: People are talking fast.

Lyonne: I’m sorry I walked in here.

Murray: We were the only people in it.

Lyonne: I enter the premises looking for conflict.

Murray: You know, and you’d march back over there all the time like in your slippers and a robe like a bunch of old men dying in a hotel. It seems like a pretty decent gunfight.


Lyonne: You’ve always had excellent hair. It’s too hip for me.

Murray: Oh, thanks.


Lyonne: What does it all mean?

Murray: I don’t know. I was like, Jesus, do you have any idea?

Lyonne: I do because you’ve told me.

Murray: How do you bounce?

Lyonne: “I am a hooker with a heart of gold.” This could be the end.


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