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Oct 01, 2016, 08:00AM

It’s a Nice Way to Meet People

A 2002 Index Magazine interview with musician/producer Brian Eno vs. a 1998 Interview Magazine interview with actress/producer Pamela Anderson.

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Pamela Anderson: I look around sometimes and say, "I can't believe I'm doing this."

Brian Eno: I just kept thinking, “When am I going to find out what I actually do?”

Anderson: Except everyone else is being very serious about what they do and then they throw me in the middle of it wearing something ridiculous.

Eno: Yes. It’s a nice way to meet people. Occasionally I go off for a few days just to sit somewhere on my own.

Anderson: Everything can only be better.


Eno: You own these records, you like those films, you’ve got these reproductions on your wall.

Anderson: I can't watch myself on television.

Eno: Oh, that’s interesting. I do.

Anderson: You can get through it if you trust that it's all for a reason.

Eno: Things always look much more calculated in retrospect. [laughs] Why does that difference matter to me?


Anderson: I mean, this show is going to come out, the reviews are going to be horrible, they're going to just rip it apart.

Eno: We’ve dropped the pretense that what these people are doing is assembling the most important things on some previously agreed-upon scale.

Anderson: I know. Exactly. More action, less humor, a different director.

Eno: It’s terribly complicated, and there’s never any game at the end of it.

Anderson: [laughs] I'm returning from taking my kids to the beach—which I love to do—and there's a jeep backing up at high speed, almost hitting other children, to get a picture of me and them.


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