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Oct 09, 2012, 07:04AM

Intelligence Showed Conclusively That There Was a Nuclear Reactor There

A 2011 Der Spiegel interview with former U.S. vice president Dick Cheney vs. a 2011 The Post Family interview with Hella/Marnie Stern/Death Grips drummer Zach Hill.

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Zach Hill: I’ve never had a driver’s license, never driven a car, so I ride my bike all over town and stuff.

Dick Cheney: It’s not going to blow up.

Hill: No, not really.

Cheney: That was a lie, and you guys bought it in a minute.

Hill: It’s quite the opposite.

Cheney: You watch what you eat, try to exercise on a regular basis.

Hill: Oh, food stamps, dude. I’m definitely not a partier.

Cheney:  I walked into the emergency room and passed out.

Hill: That’s another thing about that kind of thing, because I don’t really know.

Cheney: Absolutely. But you still do your job.

Hill: Yeah. Generally I wake up.

Cheney: Nobody disputed that.

Hill: So I started saving all the broken drumsticks and filling garbage bags and not throwing them away.

Cheney: That was a terrible precedent to set.

Hill: Oh, that’s what I prefer, actually.

Cheney: Why? That strikes me as a totally incongruous and contradictory thing to say.

Hill: I feel like I’ve put so much of myself out there in the musical sense that there’s a side of me that really likes having an outlet that’s just kind for me at this point in time, which is when I feel like drawing or painting or making video art or whatever, because I do all that stuff on my own time at home.

Cheney: Intelligence showed conclusively that there was a nuclear reactor there.


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