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Dec 14, 2022, 06:28AM

I Waited All Day by the Phone

A 2015 Red Bull Music Academy interview with musician Lætitia Sadier vs a 2019 Katonah interview with poet Maggie Smith.

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Maggie Smith: Oftentimes I find that if you get the last part of the sentence and the first part of another sentence living on the same line, you can create a hinge and those two things can speak to each other and make their own little meaning before you get to continue on and see where that next sentence is leading you.

Lætitia Sadier: You don’t want that, because it’s going to give you a nervous breakdown.

Smith: Yeah. It’s true. [Laughter] What am I doing here?

Sadier: You don’t live in New Zealand anymore, right?

Smith: That’s a really good question.


Sadier: I’m being paid to sit here and speak and you are probably too and it’s true all of this is facilitated by the money of corporations.

Smith: The only way I could do it was to pretend that it never happened. That’s the relationship.

Sadier: It’s quite bourgeois and bitchy and that kind of thing.

Smith: Weddings and funerals, right?

Sadier: No, not at all, not at all.


Smith: There are lists, things circled, arrows. I think that there is something about the danger of nostalgia and the danger of lingering where you can’t live anymore.

Sadier: First opportunity, I went to London where it was okay to become something.

Smith: For better or worse. That came to nearly nothing.

Sadier: Oh, really? I waited all day by the phone.

Smith: I can’t tell you any of this stuff, but I can’t keep it from you.


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