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Oct 22, 2016, 08:10AM

I'm So Flip

A 2016 Keeping It Reel interview with actress Narges Rashidi 1982 Chinati interview with late artist Dan Flavin.

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Dan Flavin: Once you’re out in pub­lic there are going to be inhibitions—security, safety and so forth.

Narges Rashidi: Oh, for sure. I never really questioned it.

Flavin: It’s sad. It should be destructible.

Rashidi: You know? Hopefully.

Flavin: Same. I’m so flip.


Rashidi: I remember I had to learn a whole page of monologue – it’s a monologue that everybody had, but they’d just take pieces and spread it out.

Flavin: I liked the Kunstmuseum Basel courtyard.

Rashidi: Is it similar to New York?

Flavin: No. It’s like telling a story back to yourself.

Rashidi: Sure. (laughs) Yeah yeah yeah. It’s just happening to you without you realizing it’s happening.


Flavin: You don’t need museum la­bels or plaques.

Rashidi: The audience jumped during certain scenes.

Flavin: Obviously, of course. You shift inside of the process you already know a lot about.

Rashidi: One was with the open roof where they could put the missile in and the other was for my apartment and the whole stairway.

Flavin: Water is awesome, straight ahead awesome.


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