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Sep 10, 2016, 07:00AM

I’m Not From Everywhere

A 1999 Bomb Magazine interview with musician Marc Ribot vs. a 2012 Saint Lucy interview with writer Lee Gardner.

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Marc Ribot: Conflation is tricky.

Lee Gardner: Yes, in a lot of ways.

Ribot: But what exactly is being transgressed? What does it sound like?

Gardner: [Laughter] Whatever it is they find themselves doing.

Ribot: Fuck it, I’m going to learn how to play guitar—sound more like Bob Dylan, get more girlfriends. 


Gardner: It seems like everything has been done to death.

Ribot: Going forward through ironic distance is at some point the only way you can go forward: the posturing of heroic modernist explorers.

Gardner: And I went to see it and immediately after the credits rolled, I decided I didn’t want to talk to anybody about it. 

Ribot: Perfect. I’ll buy it. Art’s not so different from Kleenex or clothing or cars.

Gardner: We do updates so we can un-abstract it a little bit.


Ribot: There’s so much space between the first notes and the second notes. 

Gardner: Yeah, yeah. I think every place is pretty weird if you know where to look, you know. 

Ribot: What can I say? I’m not from everywhere. That reassures me.

Gardner: You know, I hate writing first-person things.

Ribot: You have to be able to disappear to a certain degree. 


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