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Dec 16, 2013, 07:47AM

I Envision Everything

A 2002 Larry King Live interview with former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss vs. a 2013 Bidoun interview with famed art dealer Larry Gagosian.

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Larry Gagosian: We're still back in the Seventies.

Heidi Fleiss: Took, took, it's all past tense.

Gagosian: That you put a frame on.

Fleiss: All over the world. I loved it, Larry.

Gagosian: Afganistan, Iran.

Fleiss: I got the loan. Back to L.A.

Gagosian: You better jump around.

Fleiss: Yeah. Yeah. Of course. This is your present.

Gagosian: It was a total lack of imagination.

Fleiss: Oh, more than that.

Gagosian: Do you agree with me?

Fleiss: Oh, I would never do that to someone.

Gagosian: Anyone who walked by.

Fleiss: Don't talk to anyone. What if something went wrong?

Gagosian: Very sadly that didn't happen.

Fleiss: Very surreal. That's just how I would say it.

Gagosian: It was a street business.

Fleiss: It's a cash business. I envision everything.

Gagosian: Yeah, I like movies.


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