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Nov 29, 2011, 05:41AM

Hated On Mostly

A 2011 Quietus interview with electronic musician Richard Melville Hall, aka Moby vs. a 2003 The Morning News interview with author Doug Copeland.

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Doug Copeland: Okay, click.

Richard Melville Hall: Coca leaves, all organic, Fair Trade.

Copeland: Scandinavia, Benelux, Germany, yeah.

Hall: Not cities packed with people going out to clubs and dancing but desolate, empty streets.

Copeland: So that inside the world that we see right now, not just books, this napkin, that spoon, there are all these hidden categories.

Hall: Jimi Hendrix used to hang out there, it's where all the late 60s rock stars just got up to terrible degeneracy.

Copeland: Cardboard boxes that you throw out in the back alleys.

Hall: She’s pregnant, she won an Academy Award.

Copeland: Like how often do you hear the singing voice of the human soul?

Hall: So when I listen to gospel singers pouring their heart out to God, it's the act of pouring their hearts out that interests me.

Copeland: Which is ironic and whatever.

Hall: Less so in sobriety.

Copeland: For example, almost every yearbook has a shot where the third best-looking girl in the school is kind of looking around frightened, like a Cindy Sherman photo.

Hall: That's nice, the schadenfreude of that.

Copeland: Oh, you haven’t been fed enough.

Hall: Not at all.

Copeland: As I l look back on what we have been talking about, it’s all been about the globalization of creativity and is there any comfortable point where the marketplace and creativity meet?

Hall: Sometimes abusive therapy. The depression got worse, the anxiety got worse, it got to the point where I couldn't go on a date without panic attacks.

Copeland: I think even Europe has had them.

Hall: No one wants to be hated, in public, by lots of people.

Copeland: We really are.


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