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Apr 16, 2013, 06:08AM

Everybody Figures It Out In A Second

A National Endowment for the Arts interview with comic book legend Stan Lee vs. a Black Book interview with Gang Gang Dance singer Lizzi Bougatsos.

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Lizzi Bougatsos: There were all these Hasidic men driving around in vans late at night, trying to pick me up.

Stan Lee: At first I thought it was a gag, you know, but then I realized they were serious.

Bougatsos: But we actually really are.

Lee: They were born that way.

Bougatsos: An IUD is one of those methods of birth control that you use to block the sperm.

Lee: But it sold all over.

Bougatsos: I love it. It was very, very different then.

Lee: When I wrote the dialogue, instead of writing it in a vacuum with nothing to look at I was looking at the picture so I could pinpoint that dialogue exactly so it matched what the illustration was.

Bougatsos: Let me see. You can get away with a lot, and I think that's inspiring.

Lee: So you see it all holds together beautifully.

Bougatsos: I don’t feel like it's eggs anymore, maybe water balloons, or paint guns.

Lee: Yeah. Everybody figures it out in a second.

Bougatsos: Yeah, I would say so. When I make work, yeah.

Lee: You know what it is?

Bougatsos: I do, yeah. I know, I just feel like it’s a really universal-sounding music, and I think that people from all over the world can relate to it. Like very random collaborations, people playing together.

Lee: Oh, I couldn't agree more. It means upward and onward to greater glory.

Bougatsos: Or maybe machetes, which is really scary.


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