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May 07, 2014, 02:49PM

Competitive Reality Endurance Tickling

"Let me preface this long story by saying it's a tale about competitive tickling, homosexuality, homophobia, Germans, Adidas, the military and cage fighters." Check it out at 3 News. Via Metafilter.

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  • Kickstarters 1st visit to America was a smashing success. Much information and video acquired. Big leads and people and places to dig deeper into for this developing story. 2nd Visit is in the planning and according to update....Boston, origin of this story and the deep south to uncover someone who seems to know a lot about all of this. Hold on to your hats, This documentary is going to be what everyone is talking about

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  • This new investigation is getting serious. The Documentary has the attention of more official sources. Farrier got a lead when in USA about someone in FL who was an associate of one of D'Amatos close friends....dexx jones. This Mystery man was being searched for and Farrier has learned that he can not be interviewed currently because he is under protection. Till then he can only ask him questions by correspondence. We will keep you updated.

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  • I have been following this documentary too. Farrier is one of my favorites. I think its so "Cloak and Dagger" the way they snuck-up on them at a photo shoot in LA. Then Pay an employee at the NYC Office to learn about an associate of D'Amato's in Florida who apparently knows the whole inside story. That's investigative reporting. I can't wait until the second US visit and hear what this unknown inside man is going to tell Farrier. If his interview will be part of the movie or some form of testimony about what he knows.

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  • Congats to David Farrier for "Best Pitch " to a Documentary - "Tickle King" project and followed by his financial backing to make the Documentary into a movie by well known producer Michael Gray. New info and an interview that gets the attention of some high level institutions. If you thought it was just about tickling....think again !!

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