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Nov 02, 2022, 06:28AM

All of the Above

A 2019 Dazed Digital interview with electronic musician Skrillex vs. a 2022 Artforum interview artist/puppeteer Jayson Musson.

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Jayson Musson: This skeleton of a guiding light structure allows tonal fluctuations between the overtly educational and the ridiculous.

Skrillex: The crossover of culture. You get into it. It’s explosive, but still restrained.

Musson: All of the above. You’re right, though.

Skrillex: I never got security guards.

Musson: Damn, my man’s quoting Sinéad O’Connor out here.


Skrillex: Sometimes with my fashion, I’ll wear other shit, but then I’ll go back to black everything—it feels comfortable and not too thought out.

Musson: I also privately refer to it as a drug dealer’s armchair. 


Skrillex: Maybe it’s because I saw money before—this shit wasn’t new to me, you know?

Musson: But when an actor introduces elements of a character you never knew you wanted, that’s a real gift.

Skrillex: I don’t know. I have no fucking idea.


Musson: He’s completely delusional about his cultural importance, to the point of being pitiable. He has the most fun.

Skrillex: I guess he was toxic to people back then, but to me, he was just a kid who was going through a lot of shit.

Musson: Living for the moment. Perpetually wasted at some club.

Skrillex: The whole world doesn’t know what to do—including the financial stuff, including the money, including the radio stations.

Musson: Things had been very nebulous. Clarity is key.


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