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Nov 12, 2013, 09:53AM

Acid Was Saturday Night

A 2013 Tablet magazine interview with music impresario Seymour Stein vs. a 2013 Huffington Post interview with actress/icon Mink Stole.

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Seymour Stein: At the time I was very unhappy with where I was.

Mink Stole: There was a lot of dialogue.

Stein: The antithesis of that.

Stole: The budgets were so tight.

Stein: Yes. And you know, that's me. I'm struggling myself.

Stole: But I had a sense of isolation. Singing is harder than acting.

Stein: Because you're under constant threat?

Stole: No. It's grownup eclectic.

Stein: It's deep, deep in my heart. So I went.

Stole: Fairly regularly. It wasn't pressure.

Stein: I wear it like a badge.

Stole: Acid was Saturday night.

Stein: Tel Aviv was growing and growing right in front of my eyes.

Stole: Kind of gradually.

Stein: And it was beautiful.

Stole: We all had horrible childhoods.

Stein: But all that changed. Where are you safe?

Stole: I can't remember. But this was all happenstance.

Stein: For a long time that was my complex, and that complex was broken by a strange event.

Stole: It's wonderful. I'm typecast.

Stein: Yes, of course you are.

Stole: I found something else.


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