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Apr 17, 2008, 10:30AM

Trans Students Hear The Roaring Sounds of Silence

A student at Colby College is angry at us for not doing enough to stop sexual violence. Her proposed solution is surprisingly simple, but moral problems have a peculiar way of avoiding easy answers. Is talking about it enough to make a difference?

"I am a T-girl, and because of this I have been threatened, harassed and beaten; I have had an aunt and uncle remove themselves from my family; I have been denied the right to share a one-room double with another female student, denied the right to give blood, and denied the right to accurate gender representation on my passport, my driver's license and my social security papers; and I have felt the shock of having a friend murdered minutes after my last conversation with her. And I blame people-not society-because people are the ones who do these things. I blame the Father in my family's church for teaching my uncle that I was an abomination. I blame every high school boy who feels they need to teach the fags and the trannies a lesson in pain. I blame the doctors who turn us away from hospitals when we are desperately ill. I blame the school administrators who are afraid of letting me share a room with another girl. I blame the cops who called the murders of my friends accidents because somewhere in their upbringing they were taught that transsexuals are criminals and we deserve what we get. But most of all I blame you, all of the enablers who sit idly by while this is happening around you and you do nothing. You say, "I have gay friends, they throw great parties," or "Have you heard about the pregnant man?" But you stop there, you are accepting of queers only so long as we don't have any problems and we don't need any support.



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