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Jan 22, 2009, 05:06AM

The Rebranding of a Firebrand

Rev. Wright's church has quietly revamped its image.

Well done:

Now, at the start of 2009, about two months after the election ended, TUCC is well on the way to a successful brand update. Just check out TUCC’s new website, it’s softer, more inviting color scheme and it’s use of audio and online video to reach people. From a communications standpoint, Moss and his transition team have sent the message that the church is not going to be dominated by one man’s legacy (Wright) and it will be first and foremost a welcoming house of worship with a distinct faith mission.

Moreover, Trinity has gotten its blog started and is on the way to building compelling and regular content.

Moss was also able to use the election crisis to his advantage, to help instill the core values he saw that will guide the church. I know Moss wanted to bring the church back to concentrate on very localized issues. He capitalized on the crisis through a “circle the wagons” strategy by keeping members of the press out of the church and asking congregants to refrain from talking to the press.

What has Moss and his staff have accomplished in a very short time is quite remarkable.  Brands often take a long time to define and existing brands are usually hard to alter. I think Moss has hit the right balance of good listening (to his church members and others), building on existing TUCC strenghts, responding well to crises and knowing his own strengths, style and leadership capabilities.


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