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Apr 22, 2008, 10:42AM

Selectively Pregnant

According to this Princeton student, recent research suggests that some Asian-American families selectively abort female children because they prefer males. Is this an issue that complicates traditional right-to-choose arguments?

"And so we are faced with a surprising and unpalatable fact: Girls in the United States are being killed before birth because they are female. Where is the feminist outrage? When Congress takes steps to ban the barbaric procedure known as partial-birth abortion, in which the skulls of partially delivered babies are punctured and their brains are vacuumed out, the pro-choice feminist establishment marches on Washington, D.C., crying misogyny and discrimination. When it is revealed that some American parents are killing their daughters because they prefer to have sons, there is nothing but the cold hypocrisy of silence.

Thousands of American girls have been deprived of the right to life because of their sex. Without it, they will never be able to exercise their right to vote, their right to equal education at universities like Princeton, their right to work in a profession of their choosing, their right to marry, their right to divorce, their own right to choose. Is this the America that feminists have envisioned? Is this ultimate conclusion of the "theology of choice" acceptable to the pro-choice establishment? For the sake of consistency, the answer must be yes. For the sake of this nation, I pray that the answer is no.


  • It's accepted practice to abort a fetus that tests for Down Syndrome. It happens in 80% of pre-natal diagnoses. And soon we'll be genetically screening fetuses for other conditions. I just think selective childbirth is an inevitable part of our future. We need to think of ways to manage it, not naively hope that we can outlaw it.

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