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Oct 09, 2008, 12:20PM

Politics of Hatred

The opening comments on this video, and the stuff we've seen here and here, need to be addressed. Now. There is no excuse.

The following video was included in this article:
  • I would have liked this a lot better if the cameraman had just let the people talk instead of bullying them. Trust me, they would have said the same things and the video would have been more convincing.

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  • I'd have liked it a lot better had I not watched it, and I'm for Obama. Man, I can't wait until this campaign is over.

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  • Well, I have to give it to the guy for actually going in there with a camera and asking questions. I'm assuming he made it out alive. Talk about scary - it's like walking into a lion's den, these people are so brainwashed and hate-filled. I wonder where all that hatred will funnel to when Mccain gets pummeled on November 4th?

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  • I have to say that this sort of blind partisanship scares me. For that matter - it scares me from BOTH sides (I have heard similar "blind faith" arguments from Obama supporters, although not quite the same level of hatred). As a country, we are in danger of splitting in two. You might think I'm a crazy old guy, but as a student of history, I feel we are in danger of another civil war. On another note - I commend the videographer. I would have punched that blonde chick in the face.

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