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Sep 02, 2008, 05:26AM

Once You Go McCainiac You Never Go Back

It seems like Barack Obama is running away with the youth vote. His message of change and modern campaign has energized many first-time voters, but not all are convinced. Here are a teenage conservative's reasons why young people should consider supporting John McCain.

McCain will bring this country a promise of new hope and stark change in the White House compared with his predecessors. McCain is a man who supports conservative ideals but not at the cost of his own views. His message of a new economic and social hope for the country has injected life into the Republican Party, which is routinely beaten down in the media.

In this week's Republican National Convention, McCain will deliver his message of patriotism and strong new hope for America. I believe McCain will not disappoint when he has his turn on the national stage during this historic campaign season.

Much has been made of the youth vote and that a youthful candidate, Sen. Barack Obama, could inspire normally apathetic young voters to turn out in record numbers.

However, while I'm not old enough yet to vote, I nonetheless choose experience over youth. Sen. John McCain has my support. I believe that many other young people are so celebrity-driven that they are discounting McCain's candidacy because most celebrities support Obama.


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