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Mar 01, 2010, 05:17AM

Not Ludwig Van!

Classical music and Britain's increasing social control. 

"Britain might not make steel anymore, or cars, or pop music worth listening to, but, boy, are we world-beaters when it comes to tyranny."

In recent years Britain has become the Willy Wonka of social control, churning out increasingly creepy, bizarre, and fantastic methods for policing the populace. But our weaponization of classical music—where Mozart, Beethoven, and other greats have been turned into tools of state repression—marks a new low.

  • They always play rather nice classical music in Penn Station in NYC (usually pleasant baroque strings). For me it's the one ray of light in an otherwise completely loathsome place. It's very sad that a school would conceive of "subjecting" kids to classical music as punishment. Will they have to visit art museums or attend the opera is they continue misbehaving?

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