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Jun 27, 2008, 10:48AM

Don Imus Just Won't Stop

Even after being fired from his original radio show, Don Imus can't control himself from blurting out racist remarks. But it's okay, because he referred to it as a "sarcastic point" about racial profiling.

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Radio blabbermouth Don Imus was at it again Monday morning.

Just more than a year after he was fired for making racially insensitive remarks about the Rutger's women's basketball team on his then nationally aired talk show, Imus spewed more racial bigotry - this time about Dallas Cowboys' cornerback Adam Jones.

During his show Monday on Boston's WTKK radio station, Imus was told by anchor Warner Wolf that Jones has a lengthy arrest record since being drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2005.

When Wolf told Imus that Jones is African-American, the cowboy hat-sporting shock jock responded that that was all the explanation he needed to understand Jones' constant legal troubles.

During his show Tuesday, Imus said his comment had been misunderstood and that he was merely trying to "make a sarcastic point" about racial profiling.

He then downplayed the roiling controversy, calling it "ridiculous," and asked, "How insane would I have to be? What would I be thinking?"

Apparently Imus is certifiably insane. There is absolutely no telling what he was thinking when he made that comment. I guess the only thing we can hope for is that he was not thinking, but it is not like that is any excuse for committing another racial faux pas.



  • I thought Imus was taken about as seriously as Rush Limbaugh or Keith Olbermann. Hadn't thought about him since he went before the firing squad for his stupid Rutgers comments.

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  • That's a slanderous thing to say about Olbermann. He's nowhere near the same league as Limbaugh and Imus. He's not even playing the same sport.

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  • True, he's achieved the impossible: Olbermann's even more pretentious and gassy than Limbaugh or Imus. Imagine: this guy takes Edward Murrow's signature sign-off "Good night and good luck" for his own show, in addition to using the music from the Huntley-Brinkley evening news of the 60s.

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  • Pretentious I'll give you, but it's precisely the fact that Olbermann aspires to be a legitimate journalist which makes it an insult to suggest he is somehow less serious than Rush "There is going to be a gang rape by the Democratic Party" Limbaugh or Don "Nappy Headed Hos" Imus. Honestly. I'm not sure if you understand what the words "serious" or "gassy" mean.

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  • How does Olbermann aspire to be a "serious" journalist? He's an entertainer who rants to the choir. Read Peter Boyer's profile of Olbermann in The New Yorker, in which the MSNBC ratings leader says, in regards to his baiting of the equally insufferable Bill O'Reilly, that he ought to give a percentage of his paycheck to O'Reilly for making "Countdown" a relatively popular tv show.

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  • Uh, Olbermann gets in trouble for having incorrect facts. He actually does this thing called "making corrections" on his show. Clearly he's partisan, but as you yourself have pointed out, having a perspective doesn't disqualify you from being a journalist ("It's the norm in England"). I'm not saying Olbermann deserves special praise. He's got obvious flaws, of which I'm sure you're familiar. But it boggles my mind that you think he's on equal footing with men who run call-in radio shows pandering to xenophobes and racists, shows where the words "an apology and a correction" are rarer than a 50 Cent CD.

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  • Olbermann desperately wants to be Edward R. Murrow, and you can tell from the way he speaks in hyperbole and talks as if every piece of news is a new worldwide epoch.

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  • Deep down, I wish the news didn't have people like Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann dominating it, but since that's an impossibility in the corporate-owned news world, I'm happy that Olbermann is around. Before Olbermann came around, people like Sean Hannity would just spew vitriole and people like Alan Colmes, who is so spineless that he's practically a jellyfish, would make a half-assed effort to combat it. At least there is a blowhard on the left who blows as hard as the blowhards on the right.

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