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Nov 18, 2008, 08:05AM

Detroit is a four-letter word

For Michigan residents, it's tough to listen to pundits and wonks talk about the auto industry (and the possibility of a bailout) without understanding the basics (or knowing any of the car models...).

UPDATE: From Matthew Ygelsias, some context for the argument that unions are at the heart of the auto industry's collapse.

Some perspective:

The fact that we've somehow come to a point where the CEOs of the Detroit Three must beg for money in Washington is shocking.

What's as disturbing, though, is that many outside Michigan -- and some even inside Michigan -- have reached some point where they just don't care.

Maybe they don't care because Detroit's image was so badly tarnished by all those bad cars years ago. Maybe when you lose somebody's trust, you never really regain it.

And it's sad because many people working in the auto industry today are building far better cars than their fathers or mothers ever built.


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