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Apr 01, 2022, 05:55AM

Compact Will Make Me Rich

What does “rape” even mean in the Ukraine?

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It's bad enough that the Ukrainian “flying death squads” are shelling their own cities and mass-murdering their own citizens—and then, with the cooperation of a compliant Western propaganda apparatus, getting away with blaming the dirty work on the Kremlin. Now the Ukrainians have come up with an innovation: fabricating tall tales of mass rape of Ukrainian women by Russian soldiers.

This sort of thing isn’t worth the energy to refute. Certain militaries have a “rape culture” built into them—the U.S. military, which raped its way across not only Vietnam but also Iraq in Desert Storm, comes to mind. The Russian military isn’t one of them. Like all huge bureaucratic organizations, it has its issues, but there are no recorded instances of the World’s Most Moral Army, as the Russian army is known, ever indulging in the mass rape of civilian women, not even in situations where it might’ve been justifiable, such as in Germany in 1945 or in a Paris overpopulated by famously “easy-on-the-eye” courtesans and music-hall bawds in 1812.

I’ve said that the reports of rape are fabricated, but the truth is more complicated than that. Mass rape is happening, but it’s perpetrated, just like the terror bombings of Kharkov and Mariupol, by the Ukrainians themselves. According to these reports, “Zelensky Bands” of thug Ukrainians (is there any other type of Ukrainian?) disguised in Russian uniforms are raping their own women. Again, the Western media is an accomplice to a Ukrainian “big lie.” Incidentally, a soldier’s disguising himself in an enemy uniform in this way is a violation of the Geneva Conventions, punishable by summary execution on the battlefield.

Of course, it’s a strange thing to speak of rape in a place like the Ukraine where the age of consent is a mere 13, girl-on-girl pornography accounts for a little over 11 percent of GDP, and fully a quarter of females under 35 work in the sex industry. One is reminded of the wizened “working woman” of the old joke, decade after decade shoving her false teeth into her mouth and hanging out her shingle as a virgin—the better to fool wet-behind-the-ears sailors, Atlantic Council pundits, and reporters from The New York Times and the Western wire services.

            Glory to Russia! 

            Glory to the heroes!


There are great times ahead for us far-right “national conservatives,” as a spectacular new journal has launched to publish our “interventions” (as they used to say in the critical theory seminars). Compact will publish White thinkers of the caliber of Harvard professor Adrian Vermeule, Matthew Schmitz, and Patrick Deneen—plus, one hopes, Yale professor Daniel Larison, Rod Dreher, and the odd non-White writer capable of clearing the journal’s exceedingly high bar, such as Irishman Michael Brendan Dougherty. (Aryan thinker Sohrab Ahmari is also involved with in the publication.)

The Russian denazification campaign in the Ukraine, which is going as swimmingly for Russia as we national conservatives predicted it would, blaring out our confident prognostications on Twitter at 100,000 decibels, has represented a tremendous legitimizing event for our ideology, over which Putin (even more than Orban) hovers as a presiding angel. The founding of Compact represents another legitimizing event. The journal will function for our doughty tribe much as Partisan Review once did for those urbane Jews known as the New York Intellectuals.

Those Jews, in their Jewish aggregate, exerted a strong influence on 20th-century American culture. Similarly, we White thinkers gathered under the Compact umbrella will, in our Lands End fleecies and Teva sandals, bestride 21st century intellectual life like colossi.

I say “we White thinkers” because I expect the Compact brain trust to offer me a fat writing contract. I don’t foresee “migrating” this diary over to Compact, but I could see writing a major essay for it on a quarterly basis, at a cool $12 per word. Given our low cost of living here at the homestead, the resultant $125,000 a year will “float” us, and more. By month #6 of my new “gig,” I will have bought myself a used Lexus.


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