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Feb 18, 2010, 08:00AM

At least I'm not Tucker Carlson

Everyone's favorite bow-tied punching bag starts up a "right-leaning Huffington Post."

If you’re a journalist, chances are you’ve had some pretty low moments in the last few years, as your industry has imploded all around you. But, in your darkest hours, you were always able to console yourself with one thought: At least I’m not Tucker Carlson.

  • Jason Zengerle's an excellent writer, and so I wasn't surprised that burrowed under this misleading headline—giving the impression it was the 118th lampoon of Tucker Carlson—was a favorable article, listing of Carlson's tv missteps notwithstanding. Unless you don't consider Zengerle's contention that Carlson was, and is, "an excellent journalist" favorable.

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