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Feb 18, 2009, 08:18AM


The Left and the Right should put this woman's inanity on a pedestal.

Via this Sb blogger, a tribute to human stupidity:

Today at tennis, after I made a hard point, my partner offered the Obama fist bump.

"I don't do that," I said, and I gave her a stern look.  It's not the first time I've run into Obamabots on the courts; the game attracts argumentative, competitive types (of which I may be one).  I didn't stop and lecture the O'Bot, because Wasting Indoor Court Time is a Sin.  I just high-fived her with my racquet, and went on playing.

I'm into civil disobedience these days, now that we Right-Thinkers are in the minority, living in fear of Obamification.    In small ways, I resist.

1)  I refuse to do the fist bump.  We Right Thinkers need our own hand jive, a nonverbal way to say, ‘I'm Anti-Obi'.  I'm open to suggestions.

2)  I turn His face around.  Whenever I'm standing in line in a store, and find coverboy Obambi staring at me, I turn the offensive magazines around to face backwards.  During Inaugural week, there was commemorative ideoporn everywhere. Obama market penetration has receded somewhat, but it's still hard to visit a Target or a grocery store without having to look at The One.  By hiding His image, I may be slightly interfering with commerce, but if I can prevent one more person from being suckered into socialism, I'll do it.


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