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Mar 31, 2009, 12:35PM

A swing and a miss

Ron Paul blows a good chance for accountability.

Geithner's, that is:

Another rambling, indirect, wasteful performance today by Ron Paul.  He gets 5 minutes to question Geithner, and should have asked him about his comments to the CFR regarding the dollar, or any of the hundred other pressing issues of the day, but instead he has another ad lib ramble about innocent until proven guilty, which Geithner easily evades without saying anything meaningful.

I don’t even know why Lew Rockwell links to this stuff, because Ron has been off a lot more than he has been on lately.  Would it kill him to make a forceful prepared statement Daniel Hannan style?

  • I've never understood the Internet phenomenon around Ron Paul, a curious if wildly inconsistent congressman. What an unlikely vehicle for the hopes of so many.

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