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Mar 30, 2009, 12:40PM

Left on left?

A Democratic congressman from Alaska goes out of his way to "out" a pseudonymous blogger.

Not good looking:

Surely, having a serious background in journalism, you of all people would understand and respect anonymous sources and privacy issues. As it turns out, you have little or no respect for open government, whistleblowers, anonymous citizens working to cover the issues of the day, or the First Amendment. In fact, judging by your now public emails with Alaskan blogger Phil Munger, it seems you've been on a one-man mission to out AKMuckraker. It is even more amusing when you consider the title of the next edition of your newsletter blog: "Special War and Toxic Politics Edition." Oh, the irony of you lecturing about "toxic politics."

I'm sure Alaskans can appreciate your focus on outing a blogger who is most known for exposing the hypocrisy, questionable ethics, and corruption of Alaskan officials. I'm sure they appreciate your focus on warring with bloggers instead of taking on the difficult economic and social issues Alaskans find themselves faced with this winter, including those who can't afford to heat their homes. But, instead, here you are -- gloating about your efforts to ruin somebody's life.


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