On Campus
Jan 29, 2009, 08:57AM

Wait, Ivy Leaguers actually do this?

Apparently law students do, in fact, try to convince cops to not arrest them on the ground that their law degrees will wreak some havoc.

Add this, I guess, as a counter-argument to this post:

Usually, resisting arrest in Boston involves a wicked scrap with staties.

I guess higher education is supposed to teach you how to use your words instead of your fists. But at Harvard Law, I guess they skip the oral "argument" phase altogether, and go straight to vague prestige threats.

Let's see how that is working out for one of the brightest Harvard Law stars:

A promising Harvard Law School standout told cops during a bizarre drunken tirade that he would "lie and cheat" to ruin them if - as a future attorney - he ever calls them to a witness stand, police said.

My prest-ige brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like: it's better than yours. Damn right: it's better than yours:

A police report states that Simpkins, 24, made the threat early Saturday morning, just four months from graduation, as he spilled out of a Theater District bar and into the back of a Boston police cruiser, barking to officers, "Give me a (expletive) ride, I work for the district attorney's office."


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