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Nov 12, 2008, 09:28AM

The only "University of Spoiled Children"?

One USC columnist thinks the pithy nickname for her student body is applicable to more than just one school.

This one starts a little defensively:

Whether you think it is true or finally faulty, the fact is people still refer to our fine institution as the University of Spoiled Children. But the worst part is, we refer to ourselves as that. It’s one thing if other people do it — they are jealous, obviously — but our students mentioning the stereotypical name hurts our reputation even more.

Our school’s academic rank is now 27, according to U.S. News & World Report, only two spots behind UCLA.

And is also one of the “most selective universities.” But no matter how high we climb, our reputation of spoiled sissies will still remain intact.

But the scope gets broadened later on, and we agree:

USC might have the best initials for the acronym, but look at the Ivies and even that school down the 10 freeway from us. They text their friends on the same iPhones, check Facebook during class on the same MacBook Pros ... wait, maybe Apple is just making every college student seem spoiled.

The rising cost of tuition across the nation, whether at a public or private institution, means that everybody now needs to be a millionaire to pay for it.

Spoiled children are not just a West Coast thing or a private university thing; it is an epidemic sweeping our higher institutions.


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