On Campus
Oct 27, 2008, 12:56PM

Open Markets, Open Borders

"Jason Riley, a member of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal and author of Let Them In: The Argument for Open Borders, visited Yale on Thursday to discuss his views on immigration reform."

One of the more unique points of view on the immigration debate:

“Free markets include free and open labor markets,” [Riley] said.

He disagreed with efforts like the border fence to reduce illegal immigration, calling them “a bit medieval.” He cited the non sequitur of building a fence to protect the country from terrorists who may use planes in their attacks and mentioned that 40 percent of “illegal” immigrants in the country came through legal means.

Moreover, such measures to block the border counteract efforts to reduce illegal immigrant numbers, Riley said. When former President Bill Clinton LAW ’73 beefed up security on the southern border, he said, seasonal workers began to stay over the winter, not wanting to return south to brave the journey the following year and getting permanent jobs in the process. The following summer, new immigrants came to fill the then-available seasonal positions, exacerbating the immigration problem.


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