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Jan 26, 2023, 05:55AM

Students Discuss Their Sleep Habits

If I stay on social media, I go to sleep later.

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Alma: I have trouble sleeping. Sometimes, I can’t sleep very well. Maybe for four or five hours. I wake up and can’t go back to sleep. It’s worse because of my thyroid condition. Nerves, headache and general fatigue.

Gaspar: I usually sleep about six hours. I have difficulty because I wake up at five a.m. Construction work starts very early. Sometimes I get seven hours of sleep. If I stay on social media, I go to sleep later.

Rujian: I usually sleep for eight hours. Ten to 6:25. This isn’t enough for me. I think my body needs 10 hours of sleep. It’s always hard to wake up. 

Rimma: I usually go to sleep around midnight or one. I wake up at six or seven. Six hours is enough for me. When I was younger, I needed more sleep. Now, six hours is okay. I drink coffee in the morning. In the evening, I drink Kalymyk (Mongolian) tea. Milk, butter, salt and tea. My people are from Mongolia, it's the area of Russia on the border. 

Fariba: I usually sleep about five hours. This is the side effect of my medicine—to treat cancer. Wine helps me fall asleep. 

Bambang: I usually sleep from 10 to 6:30. I sleep eight hours, but it’s interrupted. I have problems sleeping at night. I have frequent urination. This problem started just six months ago. 

Nagat: I usually sleep from 11:30 or midnight. I wake up at six. I wish I could sleep two more hours. I wake up because my children have to get ready for school and I need to make breakfast and lunch boxes. My youngest daughter wakes up early. She’s four. 

Jieping: I usually sleep from one until 6:30. Five and a half hours total. For 13 years I’ve slept like this. 

Li: I usually sleep at 10 and wake up at seven. I often sleep nine hours. My children are grown up. 

Maria L: I usually sleep about eight and a half hours. I fall asleep around 10 and wake up at 6:30 because I have to get my kids ready for school. I’m making breakfast and getting them out the door by 7:30. 

Sayareh: I usually go to sleep around 12 or one. Sometimes I take care of my sick husband in the middle of the night. He needs help at night. Sometimes, I go back to sleep. Sometimes I can’t. I get up early in the morning to help my husband. I can’t sleep during the day. I’m struggling to sleep. 

Simret: I usually sleep from 10 until 6:30. I wake them up and make breakfast. They need to be out the door at 7:30. They need to be at school at 7:50. “Mama, Give me five minutes!” “No, we don’t have time. We have to go! You can sleep tonight!” 

Tahani: I usually go to sleep around two or three. I often wake up at 6:30. I wake up because my brother and sister have to get ready for school. Sometimes I wake up feeling sleepy but when I drink coffee I feel better.

Rossmery: On weekends, I sleep from 10 until 6:30. When I have class, I sleep from one until 6:30. This class is killing me [Jonah's editorial], but coffee helps. There's a four-hour time difference in Bolivia.

Julie: I usually go to sleep around 10 and wake up at six. I get eight hours of sleep. I sleep well. Nobody wakes me up. I walk my dog at 6:30 for 30 minutes. This is before sunrise, so the sky is still dark. On the weekends, I wake up later, around eight.

Alejandra: I usually wake up at six. Every day except Tuesday. My daughter needs to be ready at 6:20 because her school starts on Tuesday at 7:30. This morning I walked the dogs at 5:30. It was cold. I make breakfast and lunch for my daughter and me. On Sunday, I wake up at seven. My dog wakes me up.

Concepcion: I usually sleep at 10:30. I usually wake up at 6:30. Eight hours of sleep. I make breakfast every morning. No fussing, no crying. They’re happy to see me. My children are calm and relaxed. 


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